All about YOU! ~ Elko Senior Photographer

Senior Portraits are so much fun!  I love being able to capture who these amazing young people are at this moment in time.

I have very fond memories of my senior portrait session.  I was a totally awkward band geek in High School.  I didn’t have horrible self esteem, but I never felt very pretty either.  I loved feeling like a star for the day (or hour as it was).  For the first time when I looked at my portraits I actually thought I looked pretty.  It wasn’t really that anything had changed either.  I had taken a little extra time with my hair and makeup but hadn’t gone all out.  I still love that portrait, and it still hangs in my parents house.  I truly hope that I can create images for these young people that they will look back on the same way.

Beautiful, amazing, full of life and all the worlds opportunities in front of them.

Senior 2012


Spring Creek, NV Senior Portrait


Spring Creek, NV Senior Portrait

Spring Creek, NV Senior Picture


Elko, NV Senior Pictures


Elko, NV Senior Portraits


And not just that killer shot that you will look back on for years to come, but some fun shots too because what brings more joy than that cap and gown, knowing that High School is OVER!  :)

Elko Portrait Photography

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February Wedding Special

Love makes the wildest spirit tame, and the tamest spirit wild.
Alexis Delp

February is a wonderful month for love.

Book your Elko wedding now

What better time to give something away? For  all wedding packages booked between February 1st and 29th I’ll be adding a gorgeous 16″x24″ Canvas or Art Print to your package absolutely FREE.  What perfect way to celebrate your love than to have an amazing reminder of your wedding day on your wall.

Elko, Spring Creek, Lamoille or anywhere your wedding day will look amazing.

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Elko and Spring Creek Musical Production ~ Sound of Music

Elko and Spring Creek High Schools are putting on an excellent production of The Sound of Music this weekend.  If you get a chance go out and see this you definitely should!  The kids started rehearsals in January and have been working incredibly hard and it shows.  I took my musical loving kids last night and was blown away.  I had taken my new camera with me to play around a bit in the low light and to take some snaps for friends with kids in the play.   I couldn’t help myself and took way more than the handful I had intended on.  The great thing is that I have tons to share with you!

ElkoNV Sound of Music 007

ElkoNV Sound of Music 012

ElkoNV Sound of Music 013

ElkoNV sound of Music 016

ElkoNV Sound of Music 019

ElkoNV sound of Music

ElkoNV Sound of Music

More photos in the full Sound of Music Gallery here




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