All about YOU! ~ Elko Senior Photographer

Senior Portraits are so much fun!  I love being able to capture who these amazing young people are at this moment in time.

I have very fond memories of my senior portrait session.  I was a totally awkward band geek in High School.  I didn’t have horrible self esteem, but I never felt very pretty either.  I loved feeling like a star for the day (or hour as it was).  For the first time when I looked at my portraits I actually thought I looked pretty.  It wasn’t really that anything had changed either.  I had taken a little extra time with my hair and makeup but hadn’t gone all out.  I still love that portrait, and it still hangs in my parents house.  I truly hope that I can create images for these young people that they will look back on the same way.

Beautiful, amazing, full of life and all the worlds opportunities in front of them.

Senior 2012


Spring Creek, NV Senior Portrait


Spring Creek, NV Senior Portrait

Spring Creek, NV Senior Picture


Elko, NV Senior Pictures


Elko, NV Senior Portraits


And not just that killer shot that you will look back on for years to come, but some fun shots too because what brings more joy than that cap and gown, knowing that High School is OVER!  :)

Elko Portrait Photography

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Seniors 2012 ~ It is not too late!

Elko Senior Photographer

All of you lovely Elko County 2012 Seniors, it is not too late to get amazing portraits!  Weather in northern Nevada is notoriously unpredictable, but if you wait for that perfect weekend it WILL be too late.

Give me a call today and we can set an appointment and then capture amazing images no mater what.

Elko High School senior Portrait

Snowy weather in the canyon as far as the road is open gives way to clear weather and beautiful backdrops at the bottom.

Elko High Scholl Seniot Portraits

Even an actively snowy day can create magic.

Portraits in Snow

Of course we might get lucky and have some snow melt and the first buds of green and color popping through.

Elko Senior Photographer

Don’t wait any longer!  You want to have those images in time to send out with announcements.

And of course if the weather turns really nasty we can always hang out in the Studio.  Signature Studio Sessions are a great option any time of year.

Elko Photographer

email me at or  call775-340-5518 for more information.  OR contact Samantha to get one of her Senior rep cards and get a bonus with your order!

elko senior portraits


2013 Seniors  don’t procrastinate!  I am looking for a limited number of Senior representatives for next year.  Email me for an application if you are interested.

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Bridal portraits

Wedding day photography is of course fantastic but I LOVE it when I get some time with just the Bride!  It is especially great if we can get some time before the wedding.  It is a fantastic time to relax, get creative and create some amazing images.

And don’t forget to bring the Groom along too!

And if there just isn’t a way to steal some time in the busy days before the wedding sometimes I can sneak the Bride and Groom away for a few minutes near sunset.

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